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Instant access to Ebooks, WordPress Scripts, Turnkey Templates, Educational Videos or Software!  We have anything and everything when it comes to resell rights products. Master Reselling Rights, MRR, Resale Rights, RR, Private Label Rights, PLR, and Personal Use digital Products.

 Get a complete inventory of your very own turnkey digital products today. Complete with with easy to set up sales templates that you can custom design and build your own website Website Bucks let's you have instant access to HOT Selling digital products such as how to videos, audios, ebooks, reports, software, turnkey scripts, and plr articles. See our Free Ebook Page for ebooks to download free website templates to learn to install scripts or free niche ebooks for kindles, ipads, tablets, pocket pc's, pda's or other digital ebook readers. 

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Whether you're looking for Home Business Ideas with Resell Rights, Ebooks at huge Discounts, Blog templates, Wordpress Website Templates and Designs or you're looking for Ideas to build your own website you've come to the right place. 

You can customize the sales pages, or not, add articles, subtract articles, add pages, add related products - or simply do nothing but upload them and run them in the search engines, blogs, in your sig file and any other place that you can think of listing them!

 You can sell these products over, and over again as many times as you like! Build yourself an online empire with many different digital resell rights products.

Would you like to have a way to create and sell sizzling hot turnkey resellable digital products online? Are you currently looking for a way to earn extra cash? If your answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then you could absolutely benefit from these tips in selling digital products online. 

Digital products have made its mark in the cyber world because it's very easy to access and gives out a lot of information that the people are looking for. Producing these products that sell are not as difficult and as complicated as you may think.

What are the digital products you can actually sell? 

1. Ebooks - These are just like any ordinary books, except that they are not on paper. Selling digital products like these could keep the cash pouring in because a lot of people these days opt for buying ebooks instead of paperbacks you can find in your local bookstore. They are cheap and environment friendly since you don't have to print the words on paper.

2. Audio products - These digital products consist of interviews and voices from industry experts who can offer a lot of help and useful information to other people. You can use your recording tools to record what they have to say, edit these and make a compilation disk that you could sell online.

3. How to Videos - These are training programs that could certainly help a lot of people improve or boost their performance. It's also a skill-building activity for some people who don't have the money or resources to attend public seminars. If you have finally created the products you could sell online, you can start strategizing your way into making money out of it. Try to create a plan to market and sell these products over a period of time. Regularly review your strategy and use different tools for marketing and affiliates like chitika (see below banner), google adsense, adhits, clickbank and so on. 

The great thing about digital products is that they don't take a lot of capital for you to start your own business. You don't need a big office or an assistant. You can do all of these from the comfort of your own living room all by yourself. It's a lot of fun to learn and to implement these learning that could later generate income for you. Selling digital products may post as a challenge, but it's certainly worth taking a risk. A lot of people have made money selling these types of products online.

So why don't you join the bandwagon and earn extra cash doing just what the others do.


 We like to call these rights the rights of “substance.” Private label rights (PLR) allow you not only to buy the Product but also change the product in any manner you see fit. There’s more: you can change or alter the product even if it’s just the title or first and second paragraphs of the e-book, and then put your name as the author.

 "YOU Can Set Up a Simple Web Site While You're Doing Laundry or Watching the Game That Will Make Money Every Month For Years to Come!"
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The Resell Rights Megastore! 


Master Resell and M Resale Rights Both terms offer the same type of rights. With these type of rights you have permission to pass on the rights to RESELL. 

Ebooks are most popular for having resell rights and the best profits. This allows you to buy a Ebook and Then resell on again. We have thousands of ebooks on any niche or topic. From health and fitness, website design, write your own ebooks, gardening, yoga, diet, pets, blogs,and so on..

Ebooks For All Readers

 Just a Few of our Ebooks and PLR Articles

Free Childrens books

Health and Fitness

285 Ebook Package
Niche BlowOut
22,000 PLR Articles
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Resell Rights Ninja
Body Language Ebooks
Millionaire Blogging
Articles for Newbies
1500 Ebooks and Articles
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Make Money Online
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Natural Healing
Twitter Effect
Freelance Writing

Clickbank Secrets


Affiliate programs, the road to riches. You have all heard of affiliate websites and how they make millionaires out of average people. But is that really true? 

Well, you do benefit from affiliate sites since you get a commission from every sale. Get your own Optimized Turnkey Templates and get started today!

The main benefit to purchasing resale rights is that you do not have to create your own product, you do not have to create a website, and you do not have to write your own sales copy. You simply buy resale rights to a great product, and you are in the Info Product business that same day!

Resale rights allow you to sell someone else’s products and keep 100 percent of the profits. An example is Private Label Rights, or PLR, that lets you take ownership of an eBook, alter its content and sell it under your name. Or maybe you resell software and have Master Resale Rights. MRR lets you resell your product and your selling rights to customers, who, in turn, can sell the software to someone else. MRR works much like an affiliate program.

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Everyone wants to be able to have their very own profitable online home business in under 24 hours. So there is NO shortage of eager to buy customers waiting to buy Resell Rights to all the products they can get their hands on.

Most people that choose to buy Resell Rights, usually buy the rights to more than one product. 

So it does not matter how many people are already selling Resell Rights on the internet, as long as you have something good to offer people will always buy! There is no need to create your own products in order to start selling online. That’s right, you don’t even need to create your own products! So starting your Resell Rights selling business is actually quite easy.